FACTS is Financial Accounting & Customer Tracking System. FACTS is a secure, private web portal that provides the travel related services of FACTS data. These services include Open and Closed Invoices, Advanced details and other types of professional service with a place to view personal financial information. This portal is highly efficient in providing the various reports in graphics with multiple parameters. In this portal, a client/corporate can add his/her traveller details and can search for the same. FACTS enables you to book and manage the trip from his/her own portal. You can have the Travel Analysis Reports in Graphics for Airlines as well as for Services. And, with this, you can view his / her ticket information in summary as well as in details.

Features of FACTS:

Profile Management: The storage of Profile and revival (Corporate, Travelers, and Suppliers) can be done. Also, FACTS gives an option for Profile Auto Generation for Retail clientele and Search and ability to pull back when repeat business.

Complete Invoicing: This module includes passive segments and LCC, Non GDS ticket and products (Non Air). You can get the approval work flow for invoicing. Having multi-currency enabling feature, you will be able to deal and present the currency difference. The recording of Notional and Realized forex Gains/ Losses transaction wise can be done based on value dates. Other benefits are Single/ Multi/ Group invoicing, 50+ invoicing formats plus flexibility to tailor further, Audit trail and History of changes tracking mechanism, Invoice status change from open to close linked to payment status and Inter branch rule based Auto invoicing.

With increase in corporate travelling, businesses face large number of billing and invoicing issues. It may be due to financial projections or lack of cash flow management. Some of the common invoicing challenges are as below:

• Lack of proper vendor management
• Ineffective cash flow management
• Easy accessibility to data
• Lack of financial analysis and slower payment cycle
• Data Security, recovery and disaster management
• Integration with existing ERP and CRM solutions
• Keeping a track of each client’s payment cycle
• No notification regarding communication of client disputes/ payments/ reminders
• Lack of efficient financial management and scheduling

How FACTS will help you to manage your Invoicing and Billing processes:

• This software will help you to create a profile of each tourist/partner agencies including their transaction details.
• You will be able to upload all the files, documents and notes of your customers.
• It is easy to store all the documents disclosing the terms, conditions and the agreements.
• Invoicing part is easy to manage through mail, PDF.
• Payments can be received online with embed payment link with each invoice.