Compete In The Digital Age With Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing – Past and Present

‘Cloud computing’ term was coined in 1961 by John McCarthy as it was his concept to make computers as the fundamental of IT industry. Later in 2006, cloud computing emerged and then the round of talks began on its power of revolutionizing the IT industry.

cloud computing refers to the information and resources sharing via the internet network and this information is saved on the cloud server, provided by the cloud computing service vendor. But, cloud computing is not simply related to easy access and storage; there is much more to it. It comprises of various online services, and now we can have ‘X’ as a service which means anything as a service. Conventionally, there were only three basic models viz., Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service, and Software as a service. But, as I said earlier; now we can avail anything as a service. So, you need to know how cloud computing helps you. Check out the below segment.

Several benefits are there if you use cloud computing. It helps the organizations by reducing costs, recovering data, increasing flexibility, and scalability. Besides, recovering your data is a quick and smooth task. Let us see the advantages in a bit depth. Reduced Costs

As there will be no physical servers to maintain and handle, of course, this reduces the costs of software, hardware, and infrastructure. These things are taken by the cloud service provider. The saved costs can further be invested to grow other segments of the organization. Disaster Recovery Options A recent study has found out that you can recover the lost data in 24 hours and 72% people have experienced it. There were 62% of non-cloud users who had lost all their data and if they got a recovery, it wasn’t complete. Further, cloud computing also provides security.

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