A good Financial Accounting system is vital for Travel Agencies, to help them track their cash flow, assets, and liabilities, revenue recognition and profitability. In addition, easy integration with external systems such as GDS is very important so that billing can take place quickly and accurately. The absence of a travel-specific finance system can lead to a delayed and error-prone billing process which might lead to problems such as dissatisfied customers, loss of sales and impact on the cash flow and bottom line.

Features of FACTS:

FACTS (Financial Accounting Software), built by Yiron Technologies is a unique Financial Accounting Software for Travel Agencies and OTA.

  • End-to-end technologically-driven accounting solutions for Air and Non-Air, connecting flyers, travel agencies, GDS, Airlines and Suppliers with the reconciliation of payments across parties.
  • Automated accounting with integration with 3rd parties such as GDS, Corporate Booking Tools, Booking and POS systems.
  • Insightful dashboards and financial reports which help in Sales and Marketing, as well as Finance
  • Built ground-up for the travel industry with best-of-breed technology and scalability, providing ease of multi-branch, multi-currency operation, suitable for large travel companies

How FACTS will help you to manage your Invoicing and Billing processes:

• This software will help you to create a profile of each tourist/partner agencies including their transaction details.
• You will be able to upload all the files, documents, and notes of your customers.
• It is easy to store all the documents disclosing the terms, conditions, and agreements.
• Invoicing part is easy to manage through the mail, PDF.
• Payments can be received online with embed payment link with each invoice.