Reasons to leverage your HR Application

Human Resource Management- It is a function in any company which is done to maximize employee performance as per the employer’s strategic objectives. The objective of HR is mainly concerned with the people management, centring on policies and the system that they use to carry out all the HR activities. In order to step up productivity and manage all day-to-day activities, we have developed an efficient tool called HRMS. With the help of HRMS, all the necessary training and development of manforce can be tracked and even the opportunities to learn new skills, distributing resources among employees, development activities could be done.

Yiron Technology’s HRMS has major Human Resource Management features. It can provide you with directory of employees and a self-service portal that will help the management to handle work reports in a social interface. With the use of HRMS, all these critical activities can be taken care of more efficiently.


Features of HRMS:

1. Performance reviews: We understand that how much hassle a paper performance can be and to manage it, we have developed an HR system. It will provide you the information regarding performance, which will be collected on a continual basis, hence making the work easier. Even, the managers can then check the information directly from the system without having to dig through paperwork.

2. Employee onboarding: It is an important aspect for in any organization to conduct induction, training, general introduction, and providing job description awareness. With HRMS, you are all sorted as you can automate process much easier and faster. The tool will help you to feel less occupied and your new employee will feel much closer to the culture of your company.

3. Self-service dashboard: Keeping all the documents handy and maintaining them for employees is highly important and tricky. The process should be easy for reading and retrieval for information sharing. That is why HRMS is there, it will allow the employees to set their own goals require HR moderation and interventions regularly.

4. Recruitment: The recruitment process will get easier and you can post jobs right from the panel. Some of the highlights of HRMS recruitment feature are:

• View candidate details at click of a button
• Schedule interview rounds with candidates
• Automatic email, bulk email notifications to candidates
• Automate employee on board service
• Job posting as per requirement
• Post/View/browse Candidate details
• Resume database management
• Generate Offer Letters to candidates

Yiron Tech’s Human Resource software, is a unified, Web solution that puts people first. It’s engaging, easy to use, and engineered with multiple generations in mind. From hire to retire, Our HRMS System simplifies HR so employees can focus on what they do best each day, instead of spending valuable hours filling out mounds of forms or worrying whether they’ll get paid on time.