In the last 15 years, the Travel Industry has boomed, and the way people travel is almost unrecognizable as compared to the early 20th century. With the increasing usage of smartphones, customers now have an unlimited app at their fingertips, specially designed to make every aspect of travel easier.

Global traveling industry today is facing multiple challenges and laying the experts of the sector under the necessity to meet customers’ needs not only in person but also on the web to remain in line with the evolving new technological aspects of travel and tourism as well as customer experience trends.

Trends driving industry growth over the next decade:

  • The travel and passenger flows and travel spend in growing regions (Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) in terms of hospitality, airlines and airports are growing rapidly.
  • After examining business travel trends, we see how Western and Asian travel markets, as well as business travel, had gradually recovered from the effects of the last recession
  • The most important trend in the next decade is further expansion in the market share of Low-Cost Carriers.
  • Impact of seamless travel experience and its two most important factors is technology and infrastructure.
  • The development of Internet-based and mobile technologies will further increase the use of mobile devices for travel and to remain in the racing in this industry, travel technology providers are developing applications to facilitate information provision, bookings, and reservations, travel connectivity and payments.
  • Personalization will become the biggest priority among the modern travel industry trends. Almost 90% of travellers worldwide admit that standard traveling process is not enough nowadays and as they see personalized approach as an expectation rather than something extraordinary.
  • Online booking  service is experiencing constant growth as the revenue generated from online booking is expected to grow from 92.5 million USD in 2018 to 11.5 trillion in the following decade.

Yiron Technologies has become a dominant player in the Travel technology domain, having built a Financial Accounting system specifically for a large travel company. We have deep relations with all the major players in the Travel industry including GDS’, Airlines and all major suppliers and providers, helping us build integrated systems to server our customers’ needs. In addition to GDS, we have done integration with Corporate Booking Tools, Booking and POS systems. We have provided solutions to OTAs as well as to platforms for travel agents. We are also strong in the Analytical aspects, having built insightful dashboards and reports which help the growth of travel companies along the parameters of Sales, Finance and Market share.

We use scalable technology to enable our solutions to grow with the customer, providing ease of adding branches, currencies and volume with without any disruption. Multi-lingual functionality is also available in some cases. We have easy-to-use and intuitive GUI enabling your team to perform their functions easily and efficiently.

Our vision is to help our travel customers in their future-looking journey to provide the best services to their customers. In addition to Financial Management, Yiron can work on all the business applications related to Travel, such as Customer Management, Bookings, Inventory Management, etc., all these provided on scalable platforms to promote growth.

Whether you are a Travel Management Company, hoping to upgrade your platform, or you are an Online Travel Agency wishing to venture into different travel businesses, we can support you. Sit back; focus on your business while we do the venturing and improvements for you with our customizable and efficient solutions.