Why Your Business Must Consider Java Application Development

Why Your Business Must Consider Java Application Development

Actually, Java is one of the most searched IT languages according to Tiobe index. Its popularity is proved by a social live coding platform Livecoding, where thousands of Java projects are distributed. Java development services are used for more than 97% of desktops. According to Oracle, approximately 3 billion devices apply Java. It is very portable and can be run anywhere. This feature brought it huge popularity and this language still holds the first position among competitors. Java’s platform/database independence allows to provide successful migrating, shift to the cloud without any distractions and losses in resources and time. With Java, your company will achieve needed flexibility and scalability.

It matches perfectly wide user audience. Another advantage is that java web application development is quick. This is one of the most efficient languages that use a virtual machine for code execution. There is an opinion that C++ and C languages are faster but it’s more difficult to work with them. Moreover, they aren’t so user-friendly as Java. These are important issues for Big Data solutions, etc. Also, each Java developer appreciates that security question is a part of the design. For example, this language involves bug-detection, garbage collection system, and code management. According to these features, programmers may eliminate risks, data loss, etc. Java interpreters and compilers were developed to guard program integrity and exclude unsafe code.

Its built-in security features involve cryptography: message authentication codes, digital signatures, etc., and advanced authentication. The second one means implementing various login mechanisms, along with developing the custom security policy and impose a clear permission access rules to the specific data. Besides, Java web application helps to develop dynamic platforms. Java maintains web application through JSPs and Servlets. Outsourcing Java Projects

To start working with Java and take advantage of its features, you need to overwhelm your team or pass through a period of trials and mistakes. If you outsource Java development, you free up your company from managing employees. Besides, a skilled dedicated team will bring some great new technology and functionality to your company. When you hire remote programmers, you may track the progress of your project and focus on the most valuable issues. Outsource Java development helps to find a time to build and develop company’s brand, work on the meaningful relationships with the customers. Also, it eliminates the burnout of the in-house staff. Bear in mind that java outsourcing company will be responsible for the quality services, and its huge experience will help them to achieve this goal. To become number one among competitors, outsourcing companies work hard to gain a good reputation.

Some Benefits of Java Application Development Five years ago, Bob Lee (then CTO of mobile credit card processing startup Square) predicted “a Java renaissance.” Guided by Oracle Corporation, Java is not only reborn but also stronger than it was at the turn of this century. In today’s technological and business environment, applications developed in Java deliver robust ROI and measurable results. Among other benefits, Java-developed applications can position your business to:

Leverage increased mobility. The top mobile platform in the world is Google’s Android platform (four out of five mobile devices use it), and Java application development is a must for Android. Because Java runs on a virtual machine (VM), its stated goal from two decades ago—”Write once, run everywhere”—is a fair description of current app reality. Java is portable; it can run on any hardware (in this case, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device) with a compatible VM. People will continue to demand reliable apps that let them perform both professional and personal tasks from their mobile devices. Developing your apps in Java helps ensure people will use them to get things done on the go. Reduce programming risks: Because Java has been around a while, it offers app developers stability and certainty. Naturally, programmers will sometimes be interested in trying out newer, unproven languages—but when it comes to your enterprise’s apps, you’ll want developers to appreciate the wisdom of the tried and true. Java application developers shouldn’t run into any nasty surprises—and, if they do, vast libraries of resources will be at their disposal. In addition, today’s Java offers exceptional security—a non-negotiable consideration for your business’s apps Capitalize on the Internet of Things:

When your business is developing applications in Java, it’s also preparing for the Internet of Things (IoT): the wireless, seamless coordination and connectivity of tens of billions of devices in the coming years. Java was originally intended to enable embedded computing, and Oracle recently committed to making Java key to IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) functionality. As the IoT rapidly expands, your Java-developed apps will be prepared to play their part. Your enterprise need not miss out out on the rewards of this remarkable computing revolution. Java Application Development with Yiron Technologies

At Yiron Technologies, we bring more than a decade’s experience to Java consulting. Using our deep-domain knowledge of the language with proven design frameworks, we develop innovative Java-based solutions that are stable, secure, and capable of supporting as much business as you can generate. Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more about how partnering with Yiron as your Java application development company can benefit your business.

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